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The world known Blue Fox fishing tackle company, one of the members of the Rapala Group, offers an extended series of fishing attractants under the trade mark Dr. Juce Scents.

The company writes: Pro anglers and those "in the know” trust "The Juice” to attract and catch more fish. Using the fish’s powerful sense of smell, Dr. Juice triggers the attack pheromones found in all species, to turn otherwise docile fish into aggressors. And entitles this: Proven for years to help anglers boat more fish.

For ethologists and educated anglers, it is very difficult to understand this description.

In addition, we do not think that "Orient and Mayan jungles" with their ancient cultures, visited by Dr. Juice (alias Dr. Gregory Bambenek), the author of the foregoing attractants and the owner of the foreging trade mark, are right places to search... fish pheromones (see Blue Fox paper catalogs).

Study, for example, how fish pheromones can be really used to control fish behavioural responses:

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