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Among various Blue Fox’s Dr. Juice pheromone attractants, the nature and the effectiveness of the Dr. Juice Northern & Musky attractant, offered for Northern pike, Esox lucius, amd musky, E. masquinongy, are unclear.

In accordance with data received in the laboratory and field scientific experiments, pike (and musky) do not respond to conspecific odors and feeding substances like fish blood, tissue extracts or worm juice.

On the other hand, pike respond to (and are attracted by) the conspecific sexual pheromones as well as on the so called alarm pheromones, which are contained in the skin of cyprinid fish and released in the water chiefly after its damage (for example, by pike teeth).

For more information, see Olfactory behaviour of microsmatic fish, including Northern pike (Esox lucius)

It this context, the Fishermen Advocates group offers Blue Fox, the member of the Rapala Group, to publish in the Internet statistical data confirmed the effectiveness of Dr. Juice Northern & Musky attractant within, say, 1-2 months after this claim. To the point, what Dr. Gregory Bambenek, the author of the attractant, thinks about? In the absence of argued data after expiration of that term, lawers of the Fishermen Advocates group will have the right to include the Dr. Juice Northern & Musky attractant in the category of forgeries with the appropriate legal effects.

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The world known Blue Fox fishing tackle company, one of the members of the Rapala Group, offers an extended series of fishing attractants under the trade mark Dr. Juce Scents.

Unfortunately, we do not know:

  • real substances that are included in these attractants, concentrations of active substances
  • behavioural responses of fish induced by these attractants
  • their indirect effects on other aquatic animals
  • their real effectiveness confirmed by the statistical data, free and public
  • general conditions of destruction of these attractants in the water environment

This example shows that all we are facing the urgent need to create the contemporary system to certify fishing attractants and silimilar products. This system must provide answers on the above questions. In the absence of this system, we will have bottled products of questionable content like Blue Fox Dr. Juice and silimilars.

Please ask Dr. Gregory Bambenek (Dr. Juice), the author of these attractants, to answer the forgoing questions!

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