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Phenomenon of soil ingestion, or geophagy, attracts an attention of numerous researchers for years (Woywodt & Kiss, 2002). Geophagy is not exhibited everywhere, but it is widespread in many animals and human (for review, see Mahaney & Krishnamani, 2003; Limpitlaw, 2010).

Johns & Duquette (1991) suggest that the physiological significance of geophagy made it important in the evolution of human dietary behaviour.

More than 50 species of animals have been reported to ingest various types of clays, salt and other Earth materials, in particular at sites named "licks”. In general, this form of dietary behaviour allows an animal to provide its organism with the needed nutrients, solve gastrointestinal and intoxication problems, suppress some maladies and improve general vital indexes (Limpitlaw, 2010).

In particular, parrots are ones of the most studied soil-eaters (e.g., Gilardi et al., 1999; Brightsmith, 2004; Brightsmith et al., 2004, 2008).

Members of our group have started the first experiments with clay-eating in fishing in the end of 1980s, after lucky detectiing an open deposit of high quality white clay on an abrupt bank of the Dnipro river (localities in Ukraine). First of all, this clay was used to prepare fishing groundbaits (with an excellent attractive effect). In the subsequent years, four basic ways to use clay-eating in fishing (see below) were elaborated. Taking into account the current hazardous ecological situation in the most part of water bodies, we have decided to enter such technological products as the Dietary Clay Pellets & Dietary Clay Boilies into mass production.

In total, the following basic clayey products (of the white, green, yellow, orange and red colors) are elaborated:

1. Paste, or Plasticine

2. Polenta

3. Dietary Clay & Rice Pellets

4. Dietary Clay & Rice Boilies

In the latter two cases, the white processed rice (up to about 30 weight percent) has been used in the capacity of an extender and binder. This rice is lighter than the common rice meal and flakes. It quickly dissolves in the water. Yet, it is quickly digested in the intestines of fish. Recall also, rice products (without salt, sugar and spices) are widely and effectively used in the human diets.

To test dietary pellets and boilies, one week pre-ba ... Read more »

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