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Juvenile individuals of yellow perch, Perca flavescens, demonstrate clear antipredatory behaviour in response of the alarm pheromone contained in the skin of conspecifics (Mirza et al., 2003; Harvey & Brown, 2004). In contrast, adult perch (of length more than 11 cm), which are in the nature chiefly piscivorous, demonstrate foraging behaviour in response of the same cues (Hurvey & Brown, 2004).

Yellow perch, Perca flavescens (powered by Joseph Tomelleri)

This ontogenetic shift in response of yellow perch to conspecific alarm cues can be used in fishing. Using the same skin extract of perch, you can try to repel small perch and attract large perch simultaneously.

Remove the skin (with scale) from both sides of two-three perch of medium size and carefully grind it in the pounder with pure water. Then dilute the mixture to about 100-150 ml, filter and pour it into the suitable plastic bottle with dropper (for more details, see Harvey & Brown, 2004).

To apply the skin extract in perch selective fishing, you can use your favorite wobblers with the additionally sticked strips of soft porous materials or, say, add the soft porous containers to your rigs to fish on live prey.

Currently, we are looking for world manufacturers to produce the necessary chemicals, rigs and lures with the accompanying manuals for American and other markets Not only for fishing. Rather not for fishing. These products may be more successfully used in the naturalistic clubs, schools, colledges and universities in the capacity of educational equipment.

Other pheromones can be added.

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Basic References

Harvey M.C., Brown G.E. 2004. Dine or dash?: Ontogenetic shift in the response of yellow perch to conspecific alarm cues. Environmental Biology of Fishes 70, 345–352

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